Look after your trampoline and it could last a very long time! Most trampolines have to withstand lots of use so it’s important that you regularly check your trampoline for signs of wear and tear to keep it in safe working order.

  • Every few weeks, take a look and keep an eye out for:
  • Holes, tears and sagging in the mat
  • Loose stitching or deterioration to the mat
  • Bent or broken frame parts
  • Broken, damaged or missing springs
  • Sharp protrusions of any kind on the frame, springs or mat
  • Any damaged parts will need to be replaced before the trampoline can be used again. Spare parts can be purchased on our website.

During the winter months dismantle your trampoline and store it in a dry place as this will prevent rust as well as damage to the frame, springs and enclosure. In windy conditions it is important that you move your trampoline to a sheltered area, remove the enclosure and secure the frame to the ground using a trampoline anchor kit.

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