Congratulations - you’re almost ready to bounce! 

Our top ten tips to choosing the best trampoline for you.

A galvanised steel frame will guard against rust – if it’s galvanised inside and out, even better. Look for a thick gauge of steel – the weight of a trampoline will be a good indicator of this (the heavier, the better).

When it comes to springs, longest is best! Longer springs typically mean a bigger bounce. Our Plum's trampolines springs are coated with zinc which helps to protect against rust for long-lasting play.

On larger trampolines, a welded leg and frame joint is often a weak point, so it’s a good idea to look for versions with extra reinforcements in this area such as clamps or brackets. 

Trampoline enclosures are essential for safe jumping and garden trampolines that meet the European safety standard can’t be sold in the UK without one. A strong enclosure net will catch bouncers if they fall. You might want to choose a model with an enclosure that has a top rim for reinforcement – the top rim stops unsightly sagging and looseness in the net.

Lots of modern trampoline enclosure designs provide a barrier between the jumper and springs, giving extra protection for little fingers and toes. Plum’s 3G enclosures separate the jumper and springs but curve outwards to maximise bouncing space.

Safety pads cover the springs and frame parts and help to protect bouncers as well as spectators. Choose a version with thick padding and weather proofing and it’ll last longer too.

Want a long lasting trampoline? Look for words such as ‘galvanised steel’, weather protection and UV treatments - these technologies are all designed to keep your trampoline tip top for longer.

Consider the age of the users. Large ‘traditional’ trampolines aren’t suitable for little ones under six years old, as they have a bigger bounce and are required to be higher from the ground.

Our Plum's Junior Trampolines are designed to help little ones to build up their jumping confidence until they’re ready for the real thing.

Don’t forget the details. Your trampoline will get lots of use - look for a trampoline that has been rigorously tested and has an after-sales service and readily available spare parts.

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