Tips On Your First Trip with Little Kids: Travelling Made Easy

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6 Tips On Your First Airplane Trip with the Kids: Travelling Made Easy 

Your first trip with your little ones is the stuff memories are made from. But even the best children can become the stuff of nightmares if things go wrong. Think delays for example. So here are our best tips to keeping turbulent times from arising while you see the world with your kids.


  1. Set the stage

Little kids thrive on routine so taking them out of that routine to put them on a plane somewhere is both exciting and scary. Talk to them about your trip well in advance. Tell them you’re going to see Grandma or talk about the city you’re visiting. Tell them what happens when they get on the airplane, about your hotel, about everything. The more they know what to expect, the less adjusting they’ll have to do. If possible, act it out with their favorite toys.


  1. Be extra early

Even when you’re traveling alone, you know you’ve got to get there early to check-in. With kids and all the things you need for them from strollers to car seats plus your luggage and diaper bag, having extra time to check in makes all the difference. You see how slowly kids put on shoes on an ordinary day to get out the door. Imagine trying to make a flight with minutes to spare with kids in tow!


  1. Give them some say in what they pack

When kids have choices, they feel like they’re in control. So lay out an assortment of approved items and ask him which things he’d like to pack. It will add to the fun and excitement of the trip for your child.


  1. Pack smart with that carry-on

A change of clothes is important for little ones in case of accidents. And don’t forget all those other necessities. You can never be overprepared for travel with kid. Snacks, games, books, toys, and tablets are all smart ideas. Sticker books are one of the greatest things that can keep them busy during the long flight! Something like Shaun the Sheep Movie - Flock in the City Sticker Activity Book  would be perfect!

Prepare for the worst, like a major delay, and you’ll be ready should you get stuck in the airport far from home.


  1. Have fun with your surroundings

If you do get stuck in an airport for a while, take advantage of your surroundings. Look at the planes out the window, people watch, go shopping, or get a treat from a restaurant you don’t usually see back home. Some airports even have play areas where little ones can run around while awaiting your next flight. Be creative and explore together to make it more fun.

 6.  Try to keep up your routine

When it comes to small children, routine is king. Do your best to keep meal time and snack time around the same time as usual. If your child still naps, try to get him to rest during his usual nap time. Trying to keep these things the same will avoid tantrums.

 Don’t forget to enjoy it as much as possible, even in the craziest moments. They’ll make for amazing stories once your kids are all grown up!

And last but not list make sure to check out the list of  books, toys and lunch boxes ideas to make your first airplane trip with kids more fun!

1. Green Toys Airplane & Board Book

2. Asien Waterproof baby bib with red pattern Airplane Pattern

3.Stephen Joseph SideKicks Backpack and Lunchbox Set (Airplane)

4. TEYTOY Baby Toy Soft Infant Activity Baby Toys, My First Word Book to Knowing the world

5.Paddington and the Grand Tour

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