5 Fun Backyard Games For Kids

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5 Awesome Backyard Games and Activities Your Kids Will Love


When we were kids, we always played outside in the yard. But today’s kids seem glued to blue screens more than anything. Help them break the cycle and enjoy being a kid in the great outdoors by giving them fun backyard games to play that will make them wonder why they ever wasted so much time tapping at the screen on their tablet.


Whether it’s the weekend, summer break or even after school, get your kids into these backyard games today!


  1. Shootout, water-gun style

When the weather is warm, a great way to get the kids to play in the yard is to teach them about the old shootouts in the Wild West. Water guns are easy to find and cheap too so the investment is minimal. While this is a basic game, it allows for kids of all ages to run and play. Bonus: they cool each other off and if you have plants out back, it doesn’t take much to convince them to “shoot” the plants so you don’t have to water them.

Looking to buy one? Check out this one here.


  1. Outrageous obstacle course

Even in a small yard, you can construct an obstacle course out of anything you can find around your home. Those pool noodles are great for creating pathways. If you have cones, that’s even better. Bigger kids can get really creative and construct their own. Once it’s set up, time everyone going through the course. You can let the winner rebuild the course in a new way and start the challenge again.

 3. Nature scavenger hunt

Take advantage of what the outdoors gives to you by creating a scavenger hunt list for your kids. You can ask them to find certain leaves or flowers, bring back rocks or sticks, or whatever you’ve got in your local environment. Don’t want them destroying anything? Let them take photographs with their smartphones to submit as an entry.


  1. Backyard bowling

If you’d rather not go to the bowling alley to rent ugly shoes, or the expense is too much, you can create your own outdoor bowling alley. Empty water bottles make for awesome bowling pins. All you need is a ball and you’re all set. Try it in your driveway, on your patio, or even in the grass.


  1. Water balloon dodgeball

Kids love water balloons. In fact, at the mere mention of them, your kids will likely already be out in the yard yelling for you to hurry up and help fill them up. This is one that is best with more players, so if the neighbors’ kids are bored too, invite them over.


Don’t forget to get out there with them and have some fun. Sometimes, all they want is to play with you. Take a time out and go play. It’s good for your soul!

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