4 Main Reasons Why Your Kids Should Be Playing Outdoors

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Are your kids watching too much television, or are they using their tablets or smartphones too much? Are they living a sedentary lifestyle? If you answered yes to any of these, then your kids are developing some poor habits. Not to mention, these bad habits will end up having a negative impact on their health and overall development.

Kids and Electronics

What you need to do is put a limit on how much television they are watching, as well as limiting the time they are spending on their smartphones and tablets. And, you need to encourage your kids to play outside more often than sitting and watching television or playing on their devices.

Kids and Technology

There are several reasons that outdoor play and living an active lifestyle for your kids is crucial and let's look at these four reasons right now:


  1. Playing outdoors will help kids develop muscle strength and overall coordination.

Kids are drawn to playgrounds because they know they provide them the physical stimulation that they need. For instance, kids love to play on the swings. In order for them to make their swings move back and forth, they are forced to do some pulling and pushing by using their entire bodies. That forces them to use all of their muscles to make the swing move. This means this is also excellent for their fine-gross motor skills development as well!

Kids Swings

Kids also develop muscle strength and coordination by using  skates, scooters, bikes, and playing sports in general. Sports may intimidate kids at first because they will be afraid that they are not great at it. Parents need to teach them that playing sports is meant to be fun, and they must only play one that they like so they will stick to it.


  1. Outdoor play encourages kids to take risks.
We all know that if you don't take risks in life, you will not get anywhere. We also know that taking risks means that you will at some point encounter failure. However, those who bounce back from failure quickly are the ones that win in the end. If your kids don't learn how to bounce back from failure quickly, then they will not be risk-takers, and won't get far in life.

 Kids Playground

The way outdoor play can help encourage kids to take risks is by providing them opportunities to play games with other kids, and they will lose at some games. However, chances are they will keep playing anyway- or they will try new games to play right after losing. Before you know it, your kids will learn to bounce back if they don't do well with something and keep making attempts to win. This will get them far in life.


  1. Kids will be drawn to explore the environment around them.
Little Explorers

Kids are naturally curious beings! And the one thing that will keep them stimulated is when they are playing outdoors. They will keep making new discoveries, and help them develop new interests since they are able to see the world around them. Kids that are do not play outdoors very often often have narrow interests or none at all because there is only so much watching too much television can provide!


  1. Outdoor play is essential for kids to stay physically healthy.
Happy Healthy Kids
The fact of the matter is that the reason that obesity rates are high among children is that so many of them are not playing outside often, and are living sedentary lifestyles. They are also developing obesity-related illnesses at young ages such as diabetes, and even heart disease! That is quite alarming especially when you hear of children facing these illnesses. If your kids are actively playing outdoors, then they will burn off the calories they consume and will get the exercise that they need in order to stay healthy in the end.


How Can Parents Encourage Kids to Play Outdoors

The one thing that many parents are concerned about when it comes to encouraging their kids to play outdoors- when they would rather stay home and watch television is how to get them to do it! However, chances are if you list many outdoor activities to choose from to your child- he or she will find at least one they are willing to try.

Whatever outdoor activity you both decide on trying together, be sure to stick with that plan as often as you can. Spending time with your child whether you are rollerblading, bike riding or playing some kind of sport will not only help you and your child bond but will be helpful to your physical health as well as your child's health!

Additionally, whenever you are encouraging your kids to play outdoors, create some kind of a plan- especially if your kids are resistant to the idea. Talk about having outings that involve walking in different parks around your area. Emphasize on how fun it would be to explore new places. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to outdoor play or activity. Look online as well for ideas on what to do with your kids.

Wooden Tee Pee  

The only thing to keep in mind is to make sure that whenever you and your kids are spending a long time outdoors is to wear sunscreen, as well as bug repellent, and appropriate clothing depending on the weather. Also, make sure you bring plenty of water along in order to stay hydrated.

 So get your kids active, and join them, and go and explore the outdoors together! This will help them become well-rounded adults that you want to see them become!

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